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  • Theright Compressor

    Theright Compressor(ShangHai)co,.LTD has a professional design,development,production,sales and service in air compressor, a set of perfect system. And all the products are the core parts adopt international famous brand products,combined with exquisite technology,strict THERIGHT…………[More]

  • Why choose Theright?

    Technology research and development, continuous improvement, customer service to provide timely and reliable service, green and efficient energy for you, although we can not always on your side, but we will always stand in the position of customers, customer centered, market-oriented, with our hearts to listen to.

  • Theright Service

    If you chose us, you will enjoy the most advanced screw technology and the best service of the world.THERIGHT provide high quality products and services for general industrials、manufacture industrials、electricity、architecture、mining、energy、etc,our service network composed ofdistributors…………[more]

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

    Oil-free compressors pharmaceutical industry applications

    The pharmaceutical industry has a high demand for compressed air, gas and raw material requirements of the contact is absolutely 100% oil-free, so I chose a gas compressor has become a very important part of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Medical industry

    Oil-free compressors medical industry applications

    "We are all too familiar with the medical industry, the industry is closely linked with our lives and safety, there must be absolute reliability, safety and hygiene, so they choose absolutely zero oil-free compressed air。"
  • Experimental research industry

    Oil-free compressor industry applications Experimental Research

    "Academic research is a rigorous science, which measured data demanding, best to go to the floor of zero error, oil-free gas to their research can provide the highest protection."
  • Electronics Industry

    Oil-free compressor electronics industry applications

    "Absolute high-quality air production costs and will benefit a great help, containing gas will cause an increased production equipment downtime and scrap rates。"
  • Food and beverage industry

    Oil-free compressors food and beverage industry applications

    "Food safety is a common requirement society, so check in the production of food is very strict. The stringent requirements of articles in contact with food must be zero pollution, oil-gas and greatly reduce the chance of food contamination。"
  • Textile Industry

    Oil-free compressor application textile industry

    "A high-tech jet looms gas requirements, you must use oil-free water-hundred percent of dry gas, equipment and products for the life of the perfect shape"